"We care...."

                     "One call does it all"
                     "We are here to help"
                     "We make house calls"
                    "We don´t just fight fires..."
              "Make safety first and make it last"
             "A proud profession.... Fire Fighting"
             "In times of emergency, We are there"
          "FIRE FIGHTERS...Make the difference"
            "FIRE FIGHTERS...just never give up"
            "FIRE FIGHTERS...on time every time"
            "When our communities call,We respond"
           "FIRE FIGHTERS...crisis problem solvers"
         "Our family helping others...FIRE FIGHTERS"
      "It is not what we alwys do-It is what we can do...."
"In times of crisis, F/F´s answer the call with everything we´ve got"
"F/F...Respond with skill, compassion, valor and self sacrifice."
"Action is the first word in our vocabulary...Solid commitment
                 and firm leadership is our hertiage"
"F/F, pillars of strength, with the talents of professionals and the
teamwork that with more time than not, accomplishes the impossible."

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Hallo Zeer toffe blog!!! Wat vind je van de onze???


Gepost door: Annick en Iani | 08-07-05

mijn oom zit al meer dan 25 jaar bij de brandweer.
ben erg trots op hem want hij verricht goed werk.

Gepost door: snoepie | 08-07-05

Jep! Dit komt me bekend voor :oD

Gepost door: Tinkerbell | 14-07-05

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